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Traffic congestion: localising the solution

  Score: 62% , 18 votes, Feasibility 63% Originality 63% Humour 48%

The Problem

Everyone is aware of current nationwide congestion problems, but do they really know what the real cause of the problem is. The easy Scapegoat is lack of investment in Public Transport, I agree that this is one of the problems. In my opinion the main reason is simply that more people have a lot longer distances to travel to obtain the basic things required to live, compared to 30 years ago. In todays society you now have to travel further to go to work, to do the shopping, to get the kids to school, surely this is the main problem. If the poor old general public has further to travel, requiring more difficult journeys to get to where ever, then they are less likely to use public transport no matter how good or cheap you make it.

The Social Invention

I could write a document thicker than the Bible on the causes of traffic congestion, who?s to blame, and how to sort it, but I don?t want to start a Political Debate, or bore you senseless, so to keep it simple.

Very Simple.
Rather than spending billions on new roads, satellite monitoring and charging systems, etc.
Just invest in the local community, and encourage more smaller localized businesses, shops, schools, etc.
Various forms of Tax and rates incentives and disincentives could also be used.
Whoopie Doo. Now look. Shorter distance to travel, means less hours in the car, which means less cars on the road, which means less polution, accidents, frustrastion, etc.

I could go on but a think you get the jist.

The Author

Sotira Trifourki (sotiratrifourki) Authors Comments


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Your Comments (3)

jockox3 | 05 Sep '05 07:07
Subject: Land Value Tax...
...is what you need - preferably instead of other less economically beneficial taxation streams such as income tax and capital taxes. It makes sure that investment in public infrastructure which contributes most to land values (not the owner anyway) is recycled. Effectively it means that, for example, people who choose to remain living near a school in a four bedroomed house once the kids have gone off to university will be paying more, relatively speaking, in tax because they live near a school and other people need to use that facility once you've stopped needing it.

robdarfi | 04 Oct '05 15:09
Subject: hmmm..
Your basically trying to change the economics of this country.This is the way business has developed over 30-50 years. Centralisation to larger,more profitable sites.Enterprise is being promoted anyway.Is this more a concept than a business idea?

purple8 | 06 Feb '10 07:08
Subject: ..
i like the way they are more positive w/ the objective on developing energy efficient, clean & inclusive urban transport system that ensure accessibility for all. check this out Essential Oils


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